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  • FAW Jiefang automotive Komatsu 1300 tons, 1000 tons of double action press electrical transformation: the OMRONCJ1GPLC, DeviceNet field bus, digital touch screen man-machine interface, balancer, air cushion pressure, loading in mould automatic height adjustment, slider supercharger pressure proportional control; t type shift dual inverter drives.
  • SAIC GM Wuling Russia punch line overhaul, including a four point 800 tons of press, four sets of four 500 tons of Press): the OMRONCJ1GPLC, 6RA70 DC speed regulating, DeviceNet field bus, digital touch screen man-machine interface balancer, air pressure, die height, air automatic height adjustment...
  • FAW die Jinan Erji four J39-800 tons overhaul: Die FAW multiple economic press after years of high load operation, the transmission system appeared frequent failures. My company to its transmission system, including clutch / brake, high speed shaft, eccentric connecting rod and other components of the overhaul, the recovery of the equipment function and accuracy. ...