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  • The high speed manipulator built by Aotto has been applied to the high-speed stamping line and successfully delivered to the customer (Zhixin Lu'an Factory). The production line has produced more than 20 sets of molds till now, with two running modes: intermittent and continuous. 24-hour non-stop production ensures customer’s continuous parts output.
  • Aotto has always been committed to creating value for customers. Reducing the demand for manpower in enterprise production is one of Aotto’s pursuits, let the robot and intelligent system do what they can do, so to reduce the cost of employment, reduce the error rate, and improve production efficiency.
  • Recently, Jinan aotto automation Co.,Ltd. was awarded the national "Little Giant" enterprise. The "LittleGiant" enterprise is the vanguard of high-quality small and medium-sized enterprises, and is the highest and
  • The 6th ICHSU International Conference was successfully held in Hanchuan, Wuhan from August 17th to 19th,2022.
  • Aotto is the pioneer in the field of industrial automation, always adheres to the mission of" promoting industrial upgrading with advanced automation products and services, and creating value for customers and society", continuously providing high-quality automation equipment, services and overall solutions for customers all around the world.
  • At the beginning of year 2022, Aotto won the bid for the 1600-ton high-speed single-arm stamping automation line of Chongqing Zhixin Industrial Group and successfully signed the contract.