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  • 26 to 28 August 2015, Jinan aotto Automation Co., Ltd. of dressage debut of the 11th Shanghai international automobile manufacturing technology and equipment and Materials Exhibition (referred to as AMTS). The exhibition attracted many domestic and foreign experts and customers visit, by Otto automation of independent research and development of hair design of high strength steel hot forming automatic...
  • In line with the principle of people-oriented, happy work, to promote enterprise Otto culture, enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, so as to further stimulate staff's work enthusiasm, initiative and enthusiasm for work, increase staff's sense of belonging, to get sufficient rest and relaxation of the employee's physical and mental. Otto Automation Co., Ltd. in 2015 mid August all the staff of the organization participated in the "clear water and blue sky, embracing wild snow" two days and one night of tourism activities.
  • Participate in the meet Otto, discover the beauty of their own activities, Otto exposition scene photos, share photos and text to a circle of friends and is sent to the Otto official micro letter account for a chance to win a smart phone! First prize (2) brand smart phone two awards (3) Bluetooth stereo three awards (5) SPORTS BRACELET announced: 2015...
  • By Electronic Association of Shandong, Jinan innovation Valley and Changqing District research Fusion Development Leading Group Co organized "innovation Valley Technology Collaborative Innovation and research integration and development alliance established conference" on the morning of July 17, 2015 in the multifunctional hall of Jinan Garden Show Park Resort Hotel was held successfully, to participate in the activities of the Internet of things in China.
  • July 7, 2015 morning at the third floor of the office building Qilu Industrial University fourth conference room, held in Changqing District, school enterprise integration development docking signing ceremony. Participants have the Jinan City Vice Mayor Su Shuwei, municipal departments responsible for the people, district level leadership, the Department is mainly responsible for the people, the street (town), Secretary of the Party Working Committee, in the area of the high...
  • 2015 China the punching sheet metal technology and equipment Seminar on May 20 in Guangzhou naval Hua Hai building held, the meeting focused on the hot forming and high strength steel in the automotive field application, automatic punching, high strength steel stamping equipment and numerical control and automation, such as. Miao Jinzhong, vice president of our company should be invited to do the organizers...