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In 2015 the company's annual meeting held in Ji'nan Shunhe International Hotel
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January 24, 2015, the snow swirling, in such a wonderful day, Jinan aotto Automation Engineering Co., Ltd. 2015 year will be held in Jinan Shunhe international hotel. The company leadership and invited guests, staff and their families gathered together, singing and laughing, to spend a wonderful evening together.
The annual meeting theme of "fifteen glorious years, and then set sail sail". First general manager and Ruilin Mr. to present at the meeting and invited guests, silently for the company to make contribution to the family members and staff said heartfelt thanks, insisted in the production site failed to attend the staff said the lofty respect. Meeting and on the work of the company in 2014 were deeply analyzed and summarized, last year, despite the domestic and foreign many unfavorable factors, but to rely on all staff of "unity and cooperation, play a good faith, is committed to innovation, the pursuit of excellence", overcome difficulties, remarkable achievements, successfully completed the company for the year 2014 the management targets, sales, technical and production department to put forward to praise, and in 2015, full of expectations. The meeting and humorous, caused by applause, and finally the total of "2015 sails set sail again" opens a new chapter 2015.
In rich and colorful programs, you watch the show and enjoy a sumptuous dinner, small yellow people first "Bel cool" blew the audience, beauty in the company to bring the wonderful dance "full moon spent a good" expressed their blessing to all employees of Otto and beautiful life, party in and total prize extraction set off to a climax, venue sounded from time to time bursts of applause and cheers, orgasm continuously, dance "little apple" Hey, turn audience, fully reflects the young Otto of vigor and vitality, the entire annual will ending in a harmonious, warm and happy atmosphere.
Outlook 2015, we confidently, over the past year is since the establishment of Otto's biggest harvest a year, we will pay more adhering to the 15 years to the "pragmatic, integrity," the wind, believe in the correct decision of the company leadership and staff of hard work, the sails set sail again, with advanced automation products and services promote industrial upgrading, create value for customers and society.