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The first auto workers Games ended
Time:2016-03-14 Click:
    To enrich employees extracurricular life, enhance the team's cohesion, implement concept of happiness productivity, April 25, in the square successfully held "Jinan aotto Automation Engineering Co., Ltd. the first workers sports meet". The current staff games will be divided into two major parts of the game and the three person basketball game. Fun sports will be composed of four projects Gouji war, make persistent efforts, unite as one and ultimate Ko, and, after several rounds of competition, consisting of a sales department, marketing department and project Department of the No. 1 team won the title. Three people system basketball game climax constantly, and beyond, equalized, and beyond, tie, after nearly two hours of fighting, ultimately by the technical department and purchasing department, composed of No. 2 team obtained first. In the event, the scene is lively, fun activities, and achieved good results. "Ultimate Ko in a single games, staged a" dark horse "myth, head is not high, thin body of technical department Lin spring bamboo, give full play to the their flexibility, a road pass through, won the title of" ultimate Ko, especially in and great beauty Shi Wen PK, the climax of the whole game, set off bursts of applause and cheer scream.
The workers sports meet held successfully, not only so that people in tense and relax the mood, edify sentiment, more increase among employees of mutual exchanges, mutual communication, mutual understanding, mutual coordination team cooperation spirit, improve the company's core cohesion and centripetal force