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My company is listed as Shandong Province, innovation driven engineering unit
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      By Electronic Association of Shandong, Jinan innovation Valley and Changqing District research Fusion Development Leading Group Co organized "innovation Valley Technology Collaborative Innovation and research integration and development alliance established conference" on the morning of July 17, 2015 in the multifunctional hall of Jinan Garden Show Park Resort Hotel was held successfully, to participate in the activities of the IOT industry associations and other 17 Association (Association), 15 university, Shandong Machinery Design and Research Institute and Jinan city more than 40 enterprises. Our company is listed as "Shandong Province innovation driven power engineering units, will be our Jin Zhong Miao, vice president of Shandong Province Machinery Design Research Institute Assistant Dean Wang Gui Dong Comrade jointly signed the" the two sides to carry out innovation driven development strategic cooperation agreement on science and technology ", to create a good foundation for the future both items for cooperation, technical research, personnel training and base construction.