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Blue sky embracing the snow - Ji'nan Aotto automation Limited by Share Ltd emplo
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    Jinan Aotto Automation Co., Ltd. in 2015 mid August all the staff of the organization participated in the "clear water and blue sky, embracing wild snow" two days and one night of tourism activities. In line with the principle of people-oriented, happy work, to promote enterprise Aotto culture, enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, so as to further stimulate staff's work enthusiasm, initiative and enthusiasm for work, increase staff's sense of belonging, to get sufficient rest and relaxation of the employee's physical and mental

 First day: company colleagues to Shandong snow wild modern agricultural science and technology demonstration park, first visited the Shandong agriculture exhibition hall, ornamental plants of all kinds, broaden our horizons, then enjoy the fun and full of animal movement will be performing, pig Games athletes performances attracted children bursts of laughter.






The next day: company colleagues to snow wild Kowloon scenic Canyon, appreciate the good scene of former zoology nature, we are in the midst of in one landscape of lakes and mountains, the full enjoyment of the landscape;








        We take pictures with each other to enjoy the joy of travel and relaxed, breathing fresh air, busy and tired of the work has been brought about by the fresh and comfortable place of nature.
Otto company attaches great importance to the staff to enrich the spare life of every year organize employee collective travel, the staff tourism as a basic welfare. Everyone health travel at the same time, indulge in the landscape, both enjoy travel joy and pleasure, and alleviate the usual work pressure, but also edify their sentiment, improve their self-cultivation, and increase the staff's cohesion centripetal force, fully demonstrates the Otto company team spirit, let everyone learn to more full of enthusiasm into the work.