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Aotto v. Haozhong infringes on IPR
Time:2021-07-15 Click:

Recently, the Jinan Intermediate People's Court in Shandong province issued a civil judgment to make a first-instance judgment on the case in which our company sued Jinan Haozhong Automation Co., Ltd. for infringing the invention patent of “one separable steel plate cleaning machine”:


1. The defendant Jinan Haozhong Automation Co., Ltd. immediately stopped manufacturing and selling products that infringed the plaintiff Jinan Aotto Automation Co., Ltd.'s invention patent right (patent number: ZL20141055XXXX.X);

2. The defendant Jinan Haozhong Automation Co., Ltd. compensated the plaintiff Jinan Aotto Automation Co., Ltd. for economic losses totaling one million yuan within ten days from the effective date of this judgment.


Although the judgment of the first instance failed to fully compensate for Aotto’s losses caused by Haozhong‘s malicious infringement, still this is a first step in the process of safeguarding intellectual property rights. The "Patent Law" is designed to protect the legitimate rights and interests of patentees, encourage inventions and creations, improve innovation capabilities, and promote technological progress and economic and social development. so let us all take the weapon of the law to protect our intellectual property rights, bring those to justice that does not do research and development and innovation, but relies on stealing technology and disrupts the market by low prices, and let the law urge them to correct evils, thereby creating a fair and just market environment.