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Magna 10t turnover machine project
Time:2020-06-29 Click:

      Magna is the world's third largest auto parts supplier and one of the Fortune 500 companies. At the end of 2019, Aotto won the order of Magna with its excellent product quality and service. Congratulations. Although the turnover machine is a mature product of Aotto. In order to take this opportunity to open up the North American and European markets, the company attaches great importance to the project, and requires to provide Magna with a high-quality turnover machine with higher technical configuration and better quality.

     Everything is going on in an orderly way.  However, a new outbreak broke the original plan.

     The project team predicted that the epidemic would not only affect the delivery time of the equipment, but also affect the installation and commissioning of our technical personnel abroad. In view of these possible situations, after communicating with the customer for confirmation, our company took a series of emergency measures to ensure the smooth delivery of the project. The project team, with the help of collective wisdom and comprehensive consideration, simplifies the on-site installation mode, reduces customer installation, and realizes a series of preparatory work for the client, such as "Ctrl + C", "Ctrl + V".

    Finally, with the efforts of team members, the project has the delivery conditions in 4.10. After a long journey of more than 20 days, the customer successfully received the equipment in mid May. According to the installation and commissioning manual and other information provided by us, the customer soon completed the installation and commissioning of the equipment independently, and through our remote assistance and Q & A, the customer only took one week to enter the commissioning stage. After the successful completion of the commissioning, the final acceptance of the project was completed on June 12. Our customers have highly appraised our products and services and hope to cooperate with Aotto in the future.

      The cooperation with Magna shows Aotto's ability to cope with emergencies and its technical strength. The smooth implementation and delivery of the project also lays a good foundation for other customers to install and debug equipment by themselves.