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Aotto’s quickest stamping line successfully delivered and accepted
Time:2020-09-03 Click:

Xiangyang sunrise machinery Co., Ltd., planned 4 stamping lines for its stamping factory, and Aotto undertook this project.

This is one big challenge for Aotto ,As the average cycle time of the production line 10.5 times/minute, the highest cycle time 12.5 times/minute, and the production capacity for one shift as high as 6,362 pieces the quickest one for Aotto.

Aotto put much attention to this project from the beginning, organized all the skilled technical engineers to make suggestions and communicate with customer in real time, provided the technical support and cooperation in many aspects such as press selection, whole line layout, and SPM simulation.

Two parties (Aotto and Xiangyang sunrise )used their own technical advantages to cooperate and strive for perfection.

The technical parameters, functions, and production cycle for this project completely exceeds the requirements of the signed technical agreement, was formally and happily accepted by Xiangyang sunrise at the end of August.