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Aotto cooperates with Alibaba Cloud
Time:2021-07-15 Click:

On June 29, 2021, Jinan Aotto Automation Co., Ltd. and Alibaba Cloud Computing Co., Ltd. signed a framework cooperation agreement. The two parties will carry out in-depth cooperation on digital stamping, smart factories, and ecological co-construction to further expand the digital automotive stamping market and provide safer, smarter and more efficient solutions.


Aotto has been focusing on the stamping field for over 20 years and has successfully broken a number of abroad technical monopolies in the stamping field: such as stamping automation, thermoforming automation, etc., the stamping product market share in China is more than 60%. With the wave of manufacturing information transformation, Aotto has successively launched related intelligent applications such as quality traceability systems, predictive maintenance systems, and production line digital twin software, and successfully landed in a number of automakers and first- and second-tier suppliers. 

With this cooperation, Alibaba Cloud AIoT will provide an enterprise-oriented industrial data application platform through its years of accumulation of the Internet working, provide one-stop industrial IoT data application services for industrial enterprises, and help enterprises quickly build global data operation centers, hence realizing the value closed loop of the full life cycle of data and empower business digitization. This digital solution for automotive stamping, for stamping workshops in the automotive manufacturing industry, will provide a one-stop industrial IoT smart stamping solution with cloud-side collaboration by integrating enterprise IT/OT, intelligent IoT technology and big data governance, increase the value of stock assets to generate insights from stamping equipment data, and improve the asset management decision-making and operational visibility of stamping workshops. Through industrial IoT visualization and data intelligent applications, a digital capability base be constructed, business and production operations be optimized, and digital management capabilities of the stamping workshop and stamping management cockpit be realized. 


At present, China's auto factories and first- and second-tier suppliers have basically realized the automation of production, which has been greatly improved compared with traditional manual production lines, but there is still big space for improvement in terms of digitalization. Digitization and intelligence of production can bring revolutionary changes to all aspects of production efficiency, product quality, and production management. The two parties plan to use Alibaba Cloud's technological advantages in big data, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things to cooperate with Otto's extensive industry knowledge accumulated in the automotive manufacturing industry to jointly create industrial Internet and smart factory solutions for the automotive industry. The two parties complement each other's advantages, drive the digital and intelligent transformation of the entire automobile manufacturing industry, and contribute to China's intelligent manufacturing.

This is a win-win cooperation.