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20 hot stamping lines sold in 2021
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Car’s safety and fuel-efficiency is always the main issue.

In recent years, Aotto has been investing a lot in the research and development of automotive lightweight key equipment. Because of higher reliability, better quality, more advanced technology and higher efficiency, Aotto has got 20 new orders of hot stamping production line in 2021! 

And also exported one line to Uzbekistan.

Hot stamping production line by Aotto with following features:

More Safer

 High-reliability production line with millions of strokes and trouble-free cycles, thanks to rich experience of nearly one hundred lines designed and produced. 

 Thermal imaging positioning and detection system to ensure the safety of equipment and molds.

 Laser marking system, thermal imaging quality inspection system, data cloud and MES system, all provide support for quality traceability throughout the life cycle of parts 

Higher efficiency

Aotto has done a lot to optimize the material and mechanical structure of the components to improve the efficiency.

For new production lines, we will use new material such as aluminum alloy and carbon fiber to replace steel parts for high-speed moving manipulators, reducing the movement inertia, improving the dynamic performance. Most of the delivered production lines with a production cycle of 4.5SPM or more. Also more options for customers to improve productivity: double-arm clamping, single-arm picking, and automatic replacement of end pickers. One line in Dongfeng Unipres had set a world-leading single-line output of 1.45 million strokes per year.

Quick load and unload manipulator

Quality traceabillity system

Thermal imaging system

Laser marking system

Load manipulator

Lower investment

Aotto is from China, the price of the production line is more cheaper than western companies, about one third to one half.

Give Aotto one chance, Aotto will feedback more miracles.