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Trademarks successfully registered in multiple countries
Time:2022-06-08 Click:

Aotto has always fulfilled its corporate vision ever since establishment in 2000: employee pride, social respect, and automation products all over the world. In recent years, Aotto has increased its efforts to develop overseas markets. Now some of its products are exported to more than 20 countries.In order to effectively protect aotto's intellectual property rights, Aotto built its trademark strategy.



Since 2019, Aotto has successively registered Madrid international trademarks for AOTTO (automation products), AOSAFF (safety protective fence), and AOVITA (robot end effector). So far, AOTTO has been successfully registered in 34 countries, including the United States, the Europe union, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Indonesia, Turkey, Vietnam, and Brazil. AOSAFF has been successfully registered in 33 countries, and AOVITA has successfully registered in 32 countries. This marks another important step taken by Aotto towards internationalization and has laid the solid foundation for aotto's automation products to spread all over the world.


Aosaff has been successfully registered in 33 countries.

Aovita has successfully registered in 32 countries.


For more than 20 years, Aotto has been deeply involved in the field of automation. Developed from the initial imitation to the current surpass; from one single category to five major categories; from the development of equipment to the provision of management; from one single field of service to multi-field service. Relying on the profound background and high-quality products, it ranks among the best in many segments of the domestic market and has become the vanguard of the domestic automation field.