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Aotto launched its first product of 2022
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Aotto is the pioneer in the field of industrial automation, always adheres to the mission of "promoting industrial upgrading with advanced automation products and services, and creating value for customers and society", continuously providing high-quality automation equipment, services and overall solutions for customers all around the world.

The Aovita team under Aotto focuses on providing a one-stop supply platform for intelligent gripping for the manufacturing industry.


Disc Parts Clamping                                                      Shaft parts clamping


Three-claw external support gripping                                          Three-jaw center gripping

The protagonist of our new product launch here is the Aovita pneumatic parallel gripper, include two-finger and three-finger, suitable for application scenarios such as parts handling and assembly in machining, casting and forging, automotive, new energy, education and scientific research, etc..Capacity is from 2KG to 50KG.

Why Aovita pneumatic parallel gripper?

1)         High repositioning accuracy:

The repeated positioning accuracy is 0.02mm.

2)         High reliability:

All Aovita products have undergone strict factory testing, more than 5 million life tests, customized surface treatment, and products are rust-resistant and wear-resistant.

3)         Cost-effective:

The performance is comparable to counterparts from Europe, but the price is only one-third to half.

4)         Small size and light weight:

The main body is made of aviation aluminum, with high strength and light weight, and can be used to grip heavier load with smaller robots.

5)         Large clamping force:

Under the same overall size, larger piston, larger clamping force, available in narrow space.

6)         Strong versatility:

The same interface size as Europe brand, so interchangeable.