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Aotto launching three new products
Time:2022-09-22 Click:
The 6th ICHSU International Conference was successfully held in Hanchuan, Wuhan from August 17th to 19th, 2022.

Mr. He Ruilin, Aotto’s president, led more than ten people, including Engineering, selling and marketing, took along three new products and AWIZ hot forming accurate temperature measurement software, Aovita intelligent gripping products and Aosaff safety protection system, participated in the conference. Gathering with the elites of materials, processes and equipment in the hot forming industry around the world, Sharing and communicating, mastering the cutting-edge trends of the industry, expanding new ideas for future development, and seeking broader and deeper cooperation.

Three new products

Ultra-light manipulator with large stroke
Aotto's third-generation manipulator, suitable for processing larger and heavier parts such as door rings

Travel stroke up to 4.3m, load up to 80kg

Safety management system of the thermoforming die area
This system not only replaces labor, reduces labor costs and management costs, but also more reliable, safer, and 24 hours continuous operation. The most important part is that the installation, commissioning and training can be completed in seven days, and the production line only needs to be shut down for one day, which is especially suitable for upgrading of former lines.

Multi-head laser blanking line for outer panels
With multiple washing, fully enclosed structure and belt support technology, this product is the best choice to meet the current development trend of diversity, replace the blanking line of presses to process automotive outer panels