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Four-door automatic welding
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  • Introduction
  • Parameters

          The   Four- door automatic welding is a set of integrated holder of a transformer, a welding equipment with gas tube road paving and connection, a driving mechanism and driving component parts ,which realize automatic welding according to the given action mechanism.
          The structure consists of four- axis manipulator, x, y, Z axis and the rotating c axis a driven by servo motor, transmitting  after the motor deceleration. At the same time, the rotating support among which x, y and Z axis are servo -motor driven, ball screw driven, linear guided, when the y cantilever streches out in Z axis direction, it transfer the load to a rigid frame and lowers the burden of motors and  improve the balance , guaranteeing the security of the transmission system;. Each axis is independent of each other, ensuring the positioning precision.
          The welding machine is suitable for the Repair welding after automobile edge covering of doors.  The Welding machine isa  cost efficient solution which is CNC system controlled, with the horizontal, vertical, and rotation of the four NC axes, rapid operated through the teaching of the trajectory.

    Description of main design parameters:
    Equipment specifications: long * wide * high =2100mm*2400mm*2400mm
    X axis stroke and full travel deviation: 1100mm, + 0.054mm
    The Y axis travel and Travel Deviation: 500mm + 0.03mm
    The Z axis travel and Travel Deviation: 850mm + 0.046mm
    The C axis positioning: + 0.01 degrees
    The theory of the average welding tongs per point welding speed (two joints between walking time + welding time: 1.3 s 0.8s)