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The end of the company's tourism activities in 2014
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    August 2014, Jinan aotto Automation Engineering Co., Ltd. to broaden the horizons of employees, rich cultural life of employees, the company all the staff of the organization for collective tourism activities. The tourist activities came to the Hebei Xingtai kungtung mountain Baiyun Mountain Cave and Baiquan Bay hot spring resort, let the staff feel comfortable about hot springs and charm of the cave. The tourism activities to create a good corporate culture atmosphere, enhance communication and understanding between employees, ease the work pressure, enhance the spirit of friendship and unity and cooperation with each other. Employees to relax, enjoy a country Lingshan Xiushui. This is not only the company's concern for employees, but also the company of outstanding corporate culture performance.
On the way back from the tour, employees have said this journey we are more happy, live very full, not only broadened my horizons, but perseverance exercise, the team are well represented, to more full of spirit to meet the challenge in the future work and achieve the company's development goals.
Baekundong SHIKONGSHAN introduction
Kungtung mountain Baiyun Mountain Cave in, Lincheng County, Xingtai city territory, formed in the 5 million years ago in the Cambrian is in northern China a rare karst cave landscape, is a national key scenic spots and a national geological park, national AAAA level scenic. Has been initially explored and opened up five holes in the hall, the line length of 4000 meters, the largest cave Hall of about 2170 square meters, more than 200 main attractions. In proven open five hole hall, hole serial, the office of the office of sheathed, according to the different of the atmosphere of the scene, five hole hall in turn named "world", "heaven", "hell", "Dragon King's palace," maze ". Five holes in the hall of different landscape, each with its characteristics. Throughout the enclosed space is full of dazzling, colorful stalactites, stalagmites, Shiman, stone curtains, stone waterfall, stone curtains and other flowers carbonate modeling, the mesh curly "complications", "linear stone canal", marvelous morphology of bovine like "color stone mantle", stone curtains, crystal such as bead grape stone, pearl stone and so on, in the domestic other cave is extremely rare. To the scene to figure up to 109. Landscape of different sizes, a large body of stone pillars, stone curtain, stone waterfall, stone platform, etc.. The largest stone week is 4.3 meters long, of indomitable spirit, spectacular. The largest stone curtain up to 8 meters, while the smallest landscape stone needle, only a few millimeters in diameter. There are strange shapes, vivid, lifelike stone lions, parrot etc.. The whole cave landscape gives us a variety of artistic enjoyment, such as beauty of form, line and space, which can be called as "Museum" and "underground labyrinth" ".
Brief introduction of Baiquan Bay Hot Spring Resort
Baiquan Spring Bay hot spring resort is located in Xingtai City, East District, adjacent to Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao expressway exit, Jingguang high iron Xingtai station, 104 km from the city of Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, in the north, 50 kilometers south from Handan City, Beijing Guangzhou railway, Shi Wu Gaotie, 107 National highway pass. Another eight provincial highway connecting Shanxi, Shandong, Henan and other places, traffic is very convenient. Baiquan Spring Bay hot spring tourism resort hot spring well depth of 2800 meters, sunrise water more than 3000 cubic meters, the water temperature of 60 DEG C, by the authority of the state institutions -- China Preventive Medical Science Institute of environmental health monitoring the detection and identification, the hot spring water rich silicic acid, strontium and fluoride, partial boric acid and so on the many kinds of trace elements, is a high temperature mirabilite gypsum type hot water mine, is the rare warm mineral water. According to the domestic and foreign medical effects of the same type of water, the human cardiovascular system, digestive system, nervous system, sports injury, rheumatism, skin diseases, promote metabolism and so have a good physical therapy health care value.