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BYD Xi'an base stamping production line robot automation system and integration
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BYD Company always adhere to the "technology is king, innovation for the development of the concept of the" is the domestic auto industry's leading manufacturers, production of "Tang", "Qin" series of sedan and SUV sold in many countries and regions in the world, now forward world-class automobile group stride forward. With the world's leading iron battery technology, BYD with surprising speed, a short span of 20 years, across it, automobile and new energy three major industries, respectively in Hong Kong (H shares) and Shenzhen (A shares) successfully listed.

 The robot automation system of BYD Xi'an base stamping production line and integrated bidding, pay more attention to technological innovation and product quality. In the bidding, invitation bidding manufacturers extraordinary strength, deer warlords horns, competition is very fierce, eventually I companies to come to the fore, successfully won the bid for the BYD Xi'an base stamping production line robot automation system, which is following the Shenzhen BYD Pingshanyou base 11 division and the Ministry of industry for 16 projects after the 6th BYD service. The successful bidder for the automobile industry ahead of BYD automation system, which fully reflects the BYD's approval of the "Otto" good reputation, comprehensive strength and strong technical strength,, is highly recognized the "Otto" products and "Otto" brand of "Otto" in stamping automation industry experience, outstanding performance and excellent solution of identity.
Jinan aotto in leading strategy under the guidance, over the years has been in stamping automation technology research continues to invest and improve, has become a market leader in the field. The successful bid can not be separated from the correct decisions of the company's leadership, but also can not be separated from the active cooperation of all employees. Consecutive winning project BYD, far-reaching significance, on the one hand, fully proved our strength and core competitiveness, on the other hand also to our proposed higher requirements we go15, to continue to "committed to innovation, the pursuit of excellence, BYD, for more of our customers create quality products and services, which will undoubtedly to the company's future business promotion, market broadening has important significance.