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Aotto and Zhixin Group signed a supply contract of high-speed stamping line
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At the beginning of year 2022, Aotto won the bid for the 1600-ton high-speed single-arm stamping automation line of Chongqing Zhixin Industrial Group and successfully signed the contract.

Chongqing Zhixin Industrial Group is a well-known domestic automobile stamping and welding parts research, develop and manufacturing enterprise. It has a number of wholly-owned subsidiaries and production bases all over the country, with an annual output value of more than 1.5 billion yuan. A first-class core stamping and welding parts supplier. won the "Excellent/Excellent Supplier" of Changan Ford's supply system for 11 consecutive years, the "Excellent Supplier" and "Quality Contribution Award" of Changan for 16 consecutive times, and the "Excellent Quality Award" of SAIC-GM-Wuling for many times.

Zhixin Industrial Group has achieved good and rapid development is mainly because of strictly controlling the qualifications of equipment suppliers and strictly selects high-quality production equipment. Aotto adheres to the "product leading strategy" and takes "creating value for customers" as its core purpose. The signing of the high-speed single-arm manipulator contract is a high degree of agreement between the two parties, and two parties have been in deep cooperation ever since 2011, totally 7 projects signed.

This high-speed single-arm manipulator stamping production line consists of five presses and an automatic handling system. It is used for stamping automobile panels, and processes such as de stacking, centering, press feeding, inter-press transfer and unloading are fully automated. It works with continuous mode, support mixed production of steel and aluminum plates and AGV loading expansion function